A French Apple Tart (and my first try at pastry)

My first attempt at making a homemade pastry crust happened when I tried out Mary Berry’s French Apple Tart. This recipe was especially intriguing because when I think of apple desserts, I think of spices like cinnamon. This, however, is a French Apple Tart, and (like other recipes I Googled) have apricot as a major flavor. YUM!

I took my time to make a homemade pastry crust (despite not having a rolling pin at my disposal) and got a kick out of filling the pie pan with beans to blind bake the pastry. It came out pretty well! Not professional quality by any means, but it will definitely do for a first try!

Blind Baking Pastry

The filling was actually pretty tough to make. I had to sieve apricot preserves, and add them to a sieved homemade apple mixture. Lots of cooling and worried looks came after that. Eventually, it was time to put everything together for a final bake. The tart turned out pretty good! I really enjoyed the surprising addition of the apricot flavoring to the tart, and I think that if the filling firmed up a bit more, it would have been a real winner!


Finished French Apple Tart


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