Millionaire Shortbread: A Real Winner of A Recipe

Having conquered (or at least attempted) pastry this week, my next goal was to tackle shortbread. Browsing through Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, my eyes landed on the decadent Millionaire Shortbread recipe. This one was a doozy. Three separate layers that required cooling, lots of waiting time, and a TON of stirring. I’m serious. I had a blister on the side of my finger by the time I was done due to the amount of stirring!

The shortbread layer was easy enough. Much of the technique was the same as creating a pastry crust. I was a bit short when it came to filling up a pan, but I made it work!

The caramel layer was the problem child of the recipe. I spent about a half an hour stirring the condensed milk and other ingredients constantly. I am not joking when I say that I got a blister from it! The caramel caught a little bit, but was definitely usable, and I spread it over the shortbread easily.

Finally, the chocolate layer was really simple! A quick melting of some chocolate chips was all it took to get the shortbread looking enticing!

Chocolate Caramel Goodness
Chocolate Caramel Goodness

I was a little nervous when it came to cutting the shortbread, but they turned out great! The finished product got mixed reviews from critics (my sister Kaley wasn’t thrilled with a caramel dessert) but I think they were worth a million bucks (or at least that blister I received!)

The finished shortbread
The finished product!

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