My First “I Could Totally Sell These” Moment

Cinnamon rolls. When done right, they are fragrant, soft, gooey buns of happiness. When they’re bad, they are BAD. There is nothing more disappointing than a dried out and tough cinnamon roll. I found a Buzzfeed video on cinnamon rolls the other day, and since I have dipped my foot into the water when it comes to trying out yeast, I wanted to attempt the cinnamon roll.


The dough was super easy to make, and the most fun part of the bake was rolling out the dough and spreading butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon all over the place. This was so much fun, and though it took three hours, the end result was amazingly delicious.


These rolls were soft, filled with cinnamon and brown sugar, and frosted with a homemade cream cheese icing. I spread the rolls among my family, friends, and coworkers, and they were an absolute hit. I’m already committed to making them for Mother’s Day!



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