A Simple Loaf of Bread

After my not-so-stellar first bread making experience, I wanted to try again to regain some baking confidence. I decided on another Mary Berry recipe, this time a White Cottage Loaf. It required pretty much the same ingredients as her Walnut Raisin Bread, but without all of the walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon.

I was a bit worried about the shape of the bread. The directions called for one ball of bread to be placed on top of a larger ball–I have never seen a loaf like this! I called on my friend Google to help solve this problem. It turns out that Cottage Loaves look just like I had described! Thank goodness–I was worried for a second.


I love watching bread bake. It is so satisfying to see a bread start to take shape and brown in the oven. This one was really pretty, and I was so happy when I turned the bread over and heard that hollow sound upon knocking.

The taste in this bread wasn’t bad–it was just a bit basic. I look forward to trying different types of bread (challah, ciabatta, baguettes, yum!) and to developing my skills as a bread maker!



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