Better Results the Second Time Around?

This weekend I had some family coming over, so I got the request to make something for dessert. I didn’t want to make something that might end in disaster, so I decided to make some recipes that I have made before: the dark chocolate brownies and apple cinnamon cake from Mary Berry’s book.

My apple cinnamon cake from last time was definitely good, but I wanted to use an apple that was better for baking, and this time I had a baking pan that would be deep enough to hold the batter and not leave me worried about overflowing.


I wanted to bake my brownies a bit longer than I have in the past, and see if the result will be less-goopy, but still moist. Luckily, five extra minutes in the oven was all I needed to make the brownies a good consistency and still deliciously moist.

Overall, I would consider this retry a success, and I’m happy that some troubleshooting can lead to better results for some early favorites in my baking extravaganza.


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